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About Us

For 30 years, CLIMATE CONTROL, INC. has been providing local architects, engineers, and building owners with personal service and support. Located in Fargo, North Dakota, our dedicated team is committed to providing professional customer service.



Dennis Swangler


Sonja Swangler


Audrey Cook

Operations Director

Matthew Zimmer

Operations Manager

Eric Hoff

Office Administrator

Galen Ronngren

Senior System Integrator


Lead Field Technician

Omar Aldayel

Field Technician & Field System Integrator

Luke Nitschke

Field Technician &
A/C Technician


Field Technician 


System Integrator /



Field Journeyman


1993 - Established CLIMATE CONTROL, INC.
As a factory-authorized Schneider Electric IA representative, CLIMATE CONTROL, INC. brought a new line of temperature controls to North Dakota and Western Minnesota.

1996 - Installed Building Automation System At Plains Art Museum
We installed a building automation system to meet the requirements for Smithsonian Environmental Control. These strict guidelines allowed for little variation in temperature and humidity, a key preservation aspect for museum materials and collections.

2005 - Implemented an Energy Savings Program At Ortonville High School
Over five years, Ortonville Public Schools saved on average $15,700 annually in energy costs by combining Tridium Niagara software, direct digital controls, and power monitors implemented by CLIMATE CONTROL, INC.

2007 - Moved Into Our Current Office & Warehouse
We welcomed our new 6,200 sq ft of office and warehouse.

2009 - Became Niagara AX Framework Certified
CLIMATE CONTROL, INC. began utilizing the Niagara AX Framework as its primary open protocol software package. Employees attended and completed the requirements for certification.

2009 - Became a Distech Controls System Integrator
We became Distech Control's primary System Integrator in North Dakota and Northwestern Minnesota.

2010 - Achieved Belimo Platinum Independent Controls Contractor Status
CLIMATE CONTROL, INC. proudly installs the Belimo damper actuators and control valves. 

2011 - Obtained UL 508A rating & started Industrial Automation
As a UL 508A panel shop, CLIMATE CONTROL, INC. designs and builds control panels that uphold the standard of safety for industrial control equipment and enclosures for electrical equipment.

2014 - Earned Distech Controls Select Partner Status
Our select status reflected the successful growth of Distech Controls' building automation products in our region.

2016 - EC-Net™ 4 web-based building management platform
CLIMATE CONTROL, INC. offered EC-Net™ 4 powered by the Niagara Framework®, providing improved user experience and advanced system security.
2018 - ECLYPSE™ Connected Bacnet/IP and Wi-Fi HVAC 
CLIMATE CONTROL, INC. utilizes ECLYPSE™ to expand the capabilities of existing EC-Net systems with wired IP and Wi-Fi. 

2020 - 2021 - Essential Business
When indoor air quality became the top priority for our customer's, we never took a day off.

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